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DCWPay is a hosted technology solution. DCWPay is a secure, cloud-based, software solution that eliminates significant administrative overhead while maintaining agency compliance, providing direct service provider (DSP) online onboarding, time entry, electronic (ACH) payments, and simplifies payer reimbursements within a single integrated solution.

Keep track of required licensures and documentation with a document storage vault, automatic expiration notices, and detailed reports. DCWPay will enforce compliance through checks and balances built into system workflow processes.

Direct Service Provider

Quickly onboard DSPs through a streamlined signup process that includes business options, rate negotiations, and document signing. Allow DSPs to enter time and build invoices electronically, view assignments and schedules, and maintain regulatory compliance through compliance management.


Record payer authorizations and accompanying service codes against clients and assigned DSPs. Authorizations are integrated into compliance management to ensure services are provided as authorized.


Manage reimbursements in standard X12 format. The system will generate proper ANSI 837 files for submission for initial reimbursement from payer sources. Then reconcile receipts directly importing the ANSI 835 response file.


  • Direct care worker onboarding
  • Rate negotiation process
  • Credential and contract tracking and notifications
  • Online electronic signature support
  • Online timesheet / invoice submissions
  • Invoice review and approval
  • Manual Visit Verification
  • Care recipient management with case notes
  • Independent contractor payment process with direct deposit support
  • Client, worker, and office schedules
  • Settlement process with ANSI ASC X12 837 generation
  • Automated Payer invoicing (ANSI 837) and manual process options
  • Authorization and service code support
  • Client Care and authorization management
  • Receipt reconciliation (ANSI 835)

Who we work with

DCWPay supports your In-Home Support Services organization by providing a single interface for all the major players. Each user has a unique login, and the system only provides access to those resources and features that are necessary for that users’ role. The system can be customized to match your unique permissions requirements. The following is an example of the out-of-the-box roles which may be customized to fit your unique needs.
Direct Care Workers

Direct care workers, or direct service providers, gain access to the system through an onboarding process. They can be employees or independent contractors. Once registered, they can review assignments and see work schedules. As services are provided they record their time worked and provide details on the care given. Their time entries generate invoices, which are paid and accessible for historical reference.

Care Coordinators

Care coordinators are organization employees responsible for managing service compliance. They are provided a login where they assist Direct Care Workers with the onboarding process as well as assign Direct Care Workers to clients to provide services. Most importantly, care coordinators review invoices and time entries from Direct Care Workers and approve the entries to be processed for billing.


Managers provide operational support and review while assisting Care Coordinators. Managers input Clients and Authorizations into the system. They review and validate regulatory compliance of system records, and have expanded access to upload documents to DCWs and Client profiles.

Call Center

Admin users leverage all the data from the other users to finalize the processing of services. Admins process approved time and issue payments for Direct Care Worker invoices in statement batches. They also process settlement batches submitted to payer sources for reimbursement. Admins can change the global settings, add or remove users, manage resources, and change the system configuration.

What our clients say

Soreo is using the software and has increased Admin efficiencies so much that they have been able to eliminate more than a dozen admin staff positions. Our Operations Manager says we no longer need 2 other admin staff because the system automatically tracks electronically what they were tracking on paper or in Excel. This puts Soreo in an excellent position to weather the next funding shortfall. The State of Arizona reviewed the system as part of their standard audit and was blown away by the data collection, audit features, and ease of use.

-Wendy Swager, SOREO

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Why work with us?

Why Work With Us

While many of the solutions you find are fragmented versions of larger systems, we know those solutions tend to be a bunch of square pegs hammered into round holes. Our solution has been custom built specifically around home health services. We are a nimble development company working to disrupt an industry that has been neglected by technology. We are interested in making a product better for care workers, better for managers, and better for the industry.

Independent Contractor vs Employee DSPs

DCWPay can effectively work in both organizations that hire service providers as employees and those that follow the Independent Contractor model. The system has been modeled around best practices needed to provide the control and freedom required as for independent contractors while also supporting the organizational needs for management and reporting.

Are you interested in adopting the IC model for your organization? Contact us to see how DCWPay can help.

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